Discover How You Can Improve Weak Body Parts Instantly Using Shock Tactic Routines... Today!

Sure-Fire Ways To Improve Weak Body Parts Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Everyone has certain “weak points” on their body…

Whether it’s their shoulders… or lower back… abs…

Whatever the case may be… weak points can throw your body off tilt… leaving you with an unbalanced physique and more in danger of running into injuries.

That’s why today I want to introduce you to our Weak Point Training Routine … so you can identify, strengthen and shape the weak point muscles on your physique…

These routines use Coach Flex’s proven Shock Tactic protocol which are short routines that you that skyrocket your gains in just 30 days using just a pair of dumbbells.

In fact, I have used these incredible shock tactic routines within my Fitness Membership program that has got amazing results…

And Flex uses it to help his private clients to bring up their weak body parts.

It’s important that we always focusing on working on our weak body parts.
It's human nature to gravitate towards the things we're good at and shy away from the things that make us feel weak.

What ends up happening is that we get stronger in our strengths and weaker in our weaknesses…

The same thing happens with weak body parts.

Weak body parts are typically genetic issues that have been compounded by poor training, bad program design, or general neglect.
When you have weak body parts, not even a balanced muscle building program will help you fix these.

Imbalances and weak body parts can quickly lead to joint pain and injures.

So your goal is to use short routines that target your imbalances.

Thus, the goal becomes striking a delicate balance of hammering the lagging muscle group without pissing off your joints.

An effective remedy is using our Weak Point Training routines throughout your week to make sure that  you execute each and every exercise with the proper technique and form so you can build muscle quickly without  getting injured.

So you look better, feel better… and to maximize your health for the long haul.
Each Weak Point Routine comes with demo video and follow along workout videos so all you have to do is just click play and train with the Funkster and Flex as we take you each Shock Tactic Workout to ensure that you are performing each exercise with the right technique and form… All you need is a set of dumbbells and we will share some tips and tricks to double your results.
Component #1:
Shock Tactic Chest Routine
This Shock Tactic protocol has all the chest and pec pumping routine that will help you add more size and shape on our chest in under 8 minutes twice a week using light weights and your body.
Component #2:
Shock Tactic Arm Routine
All guys want the big biceps this routine will definitely add size to your bi’s but the triceps are larger than your biceps, so focusing on your tris, will increase your arm size 2-fold… Plus you need the triceps in most pressing movements and without strong and sturdy triceps, other key pressing exercises will never reach their full potential.
Component #3:
Shock Tactic Back Routine
One of the most neglected body parts is the back, usually because we can’t see the back like we can our other muscles.  But when it comes to your back it links your posterior chain, the lats, rhomboids, teres, and other pulling muscles. Also gym-rats generally do 2-3 times more pressing exercises and neglect the volume of work needed for their back. Think of it as a strength balancing act. So this back routine will help you bring out your physique and strength weaknesses.
Component #4:
Shock Tactic Shoulder Routine
One big weakness that people have with shoulders is pain or constantly injuring this ball and socket joint. Most likely the pain is a product of poor posture and front-side tightness that prevents the shoulder from moving pain-free through a full ROM. So, this routine will help you balance the strength in your shoulders using light weight to keep you injury free.
Component #5:
Shock Tactic Leg Routine
This routine will help to quickly and easily add inches of rick hard muscle to your thighs in just 30 days. And you’ll do it without risking injury from a high volume of heavy squats.

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Regular Price $49

Today Only $9usd
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